Process Service

Located in the coastal area of Wilmington, North Carolina, our experts at Atlantic Legal Services are familiar with local, state and national laws. We are a team of private investigators that will ensure that your papers are served quickly and within the time constraints that will allow you to go forward with the legal action that you are trying to pursue.

Atlantic Legal Services agents is prepared to take on the most difficult services and provide the best possible results. This process ensures that your task is accomplished efficiently and professionally. Atlantic Legal Services offers complete process service for most types of documents, including: 
Summons and complaints 
Small claims 
Record Subpoenas 
Personal Subpoenas 
We ensure that your work is done professionally and is done right the first time. Atlantic Legal Services have only the best in the industry that have the knowledge, experience and training to handle any assignment imaginable. We coordinate our services to your exact requirements, and can even serve multiple locations simultaneously. Turn around time: 3-7 days regular service

Same day to two days for rush service

By using Atlantic Legal Services, the judicial system can make a faster decision because they have all of the information they need right at hand. Whether the documents are a summons and complaint, small claims, cross complaint, writ,  or subpoena, the work that we provide for our clients is nationally recognized.